About Us

Company Introduction

SIN YU Technology Inc. was established in 1987. We started with producing automotive wires and supplying customers who manufacture wire harnesses. With the need for technology applications, we continue to learn, develop and innovate. Currently SIN YU focuses on "Design your cable" and is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of broadband cables (twisted-pair, optical, or coaxial cable), green energy and environmental protection cables (solar energy or electric vehicle charging cables), and robot cables.

With the spirit of quality, service, teamwork and innovation, SIN YU grows step by step and has passed the ISO 9001 quality certification.

When Industry 4.0 sweeps across various industries, equipment automation has become an inevitable option for enterprises to increase production capacity. However, the structure of traditional cables can't withstand frequent movements under advanced automation. Therefore, SIN YU has developed super flexible and oil-resistant robot cables suitable for long-term continuous bending applications, such as cable guides, robotic arms, and mechanical automatic control.

SIN YU also specializes in various automotive wires, such as AV, AVS and AVSS cables for low-voltage transmission. In addition, we can also manufacture the wires and cables required for EVs.

To meet the diverse needs as the internet becomes more and more popular, SIN YU produces network cables that cover a wide range of applications from households to industrial and high-speed server networks. For example, twisted-pair cables are available from CAT 5 to CAT 8. And the exclusive patented AOC solves the problem of signal attenuation in long-distance wiring.

In the era of digital transformation, SIN YU also created a software department focusing on website development. The department is not only able to customize official websites but also use web technology to integrate platforms, such as ERP.

If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.