Information Systems

information technology

With the advancement of software and hardware technologies, in addition to big data, the composition of a company's information system can also become more and more diverse.

How to integrate different software or hardware systems, so that information can flow between different platforms, has also become a problem that must be solved.

If we can manage information more effectively, we will have a better way to deal with the use of AI or digital transformation in the future.

SIN YU has established a software department focusing on developing website systems.

In terms of software, in addition to the official website, we also have rich experience in ERP and CRM APIs, which can help enterprises integrate information from various platforms.

As for the support of the hardware behind the software, we can not only provide network cables, but also assist in planning the integration of different servers.

For other information, please refer to Web Design & Cloud Integration or go to the official website of the SIN YU software department.