The development of technology has made the wires and cables used in vehicles more and more diversified.
In recent years, requirements such as the communication of vehicles and mobile devices, the control of sensors in self-driving cars, the transmission of electric vehicle (EV) energy, and the use of green materials have also added a lot of complexity to the wiring of vehicles.

SIN YU can integrate and provide cables and wires, which meet the needs of modern vehicles as follows:
automotive wires, audio and video cables, hook-up wires, coaxial cables, control cables, wire harnesses.

In addition to low-voltage AV, AVS, and AVSS wires, automotive wires that maintain basic vehicle functions include high-voltage transmission cables, such as high-tension cables for ignition systems.

When it comes to telematics, we have a variety of UL-certified hook-up wires as well as high-quality audio and video cables.

For in-vehicle antennas, we have various coaxial cables for selection.

Besides, wire harnesses or cable assemblies are also available to satisfy customers' needs for the integration of various wire materials.

If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us.