Since established, Sin Yu always concentrates on your special inquiry at improvement. We are your best solution of power & signal transmission. If any special request, we are glad to do the special design as you requirement for you.
These cables are belong to low voltage transmission cable and often be used in digital product, computer or medical equipment ¡Ketc. We can offer you the following products: "Power & Control Cable", "Power Supply Cord","Retractile Wire & Cable" , "Telephone and Lan Cable", "Coaxial Cable", "Hook-Up Wire".
"Signal Transmission" is the mission of telecom industry. So, no matter what your use is in "Local Area Net", "Main Trunk of Internet" or " Telecom Base"¡Ketc. The "Speed & Quality" is very important. Mostly wire & cable be used in telecom industry can be separated as three, "Twisted Pair Structure", "Coaxial Structure" & "Optical Transmission". Sin Yu focus on your request, develop variety high quality telecom cable as below "Telephone and Lan Cable", "Coaxial Cable", "Optical Fiber Cable", "Power & Control Cable" & "Retractile Wire & Cable". Besides, Sin Yu also paid the attention for studying of optical communication component and can offer high quality products as below: Fiber Optical Patch Cord, Adapter, Attenuator & Media Converter.
Focus on different function and working environment in vehicle. The wire & cable be applied in vehicle is very extensively more and more. For example the request is for "power supply " or "signal transmission" or "special material "¡Ketc. But anyway, no matter what you need. Sin Yu can do our best to satisfy you with below products and service. "Automobile Cable", "Audio & Video Cable", "Hook-Up Wire", "Retractile Wire & Cable" & "Special Design As Your Requirement".
The wire & cable be applied in audio & video system include " Power Cable", "Interconnect Cable" & "Out-Put Cable". For satisfying the enjoyment of "Original Sound & Image Reappear" from customers, Sin Yu besides manufacture general audio & video cable, also concentrate one's attention on Hi-End ones. We offer our high quality products as below: "Audio & Video Cable", "Coaxial Cable", " Fiber Optical Cable", "Power & Control Cable".
"DIY" is popular in the world more and more. For teach and satisfy theses customer, we offer some common used cable with exquisite packing¡Btesting report & manual. They include "Coaxial Cable", "Hook Up Wire" & "Telephone and Lan Cable", "Automobile Cable", "Audio & Video Cable".

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