Solution for electric power and signal transmission
Although the wire & cable have numerous type, but they have the same function—transmit electric power and signal. It create many new demand and product constantly accompany the development of technology. In the highly changeable industry environment, SIN YU expect to become the solution for power and signal transmission and help customer to solve the electric wire and cable and optical communication problem. We will do our best to reach the customer request about technology, quality, delivery.

SIN YU established in 1987. At that time, the downriver industry almost remove to overseas and competitive market violently. But SIN YU always persist in the quality, service, team work, innovation spirit so can grow up step by step. SIN YU not only insist on the product quality but also train and encourage staff to emphasize quality. SIN YU also had passed the certification of ISO-9001 & many kind of products approval so we promise to offer good quality products for customer. In order to provide best service, we develop the wide production line to support solution scheme. We hope customer can settle the besetment of look for wire & cable and optic component when they contact with SIN YU.

Company grew up must need the customer, cooperated factory, staff and the shareholder’s irrigation, SIN YU always strive to create good system and ideal. The four important part also get benefit by SIN YU grew up. SIN YU also become robust on these cooperation atmosphere. Innovation is the most important element for enterprise’s permanent operation. SIN YU will innovate constantly on the service, product, technique, quality.


Pass through these year’s development, SIN YU have the major products as below:
Power & Control Cable Special Request Wire & Cable
Coaxial Cable Lan and Optical Communication

During the fast changing century, SIN YU expect our-self could be the best solution of power & signal transmission for customer and solve your special question and grow up with each other.

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