Most application of hook-up and lead wire for board-to-board or point-to-point wiring rely on plastic insulated designs. Therefore, for the different using with many combinations. The UL association focus on the point, also set up the standard for hook-up wire & cable.

Sin Yu major in manufacturing electric wire & cable for many years and can offer high quality hook-up wire to meet specific technical demand of today.

Sin Yu offers variety of types as below to satisfy individual customer's requirement.

UL AWM Style List
1. UL1007 Hook-up Wire 80oC 300V PVC
2. UL1015 Equipment Wire 105
oC 600V PVC
3. UL1061 Hook-up Wire
4. UL1332 Teflon Hook-up Wire
5. UL3132 Silicone Hook-up Wire

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