Power Supply Cord is the most appliance cable, major in consumer's or household equipment power transmission. Therefore, it couldn't be separated from our life.

Simply speaking, the Power supply cord is made up by plug and power cable. The combination of plug and cable are based on the country's standard. Sin Yu offers the most complete lines of power cord set, available with large variety of plugs, receptacles and insulation materials. Sin Yu power cord set can be tailored to your specific application. And if you market your products overseas, Sin Yu's international power cord set make it easy to comply stringent international standards.
Sin Yu provide variety plugs and power cable as below:
Power Plug
Power Cable (Flexible Cord)
Besides the power supply cord as above, we can also design the power cable as your special working environment (For example: UV resistance, high temperature resistance, more flexible...etc.) We create a form for your inquiry, please feel free to enter Design Your Cable. If need getting more detailed information, you can directly enter our Catalogue Download.

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