The electric wire & cable be applied in vehicle, just like the blood vessels of body. It acts an important role to connect every part. The vehicle technology is making progress more and more, so vehicle wire & cable be asked for higher manufacturing technology and with more functions.

Sin Yu manufacture & develop various vehicle wire & cable such as Low-voltage wire & cable (AV low-voltage wire, AVS thin low-voltage wire & AVSS very thin low-voltage wire...etc.), High voltage/ tension wire & cable (Silicon Rubber, EPDM insulation wire...etc.) At present, Sin Yu Vehicle Wire & Cable is most be applied in the automobile, various circuit construction for wirings as is general electric & electronic equipment, farming equipment, motorcycles...etc. But we always put attention in studying various vehicle wire & cable(airplane, boat or space shuttle...etc.), no matter what the cable be applied in special environment (cold resistance, oil resistance...etc.) or function, we are very glad to manufacture the wire & cable as you request and develop new design together with you!
Sin Yu provides high quality transmission of automobile as below, please kindly check!

Low-Voltage Wire & Cable
1. AV
2. AVS
High-Tension Wire & Cable
1. EPDM (insulation) / EPDM (jacket)
2. EPDM (insulation) / Silicone (jacket)
3. EPDM (insulation) / Silicone (jacket)

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