Local area networking is critical step in wiring local area. By properly planning your network, you can create a system that links a group of different or incompatible computers and accessories within one office, an entire building, or a group of buildings. In the simplest form of LAN cable , local area network utilize standard cabling which acts as an electronic highway for transporting information to different computers in the same office area.

The cable you choose to tie together your LAN is the lifeline of your system. Sin Yu helps you achieve optimum system performance by providing you with the LAN cable best suited to your specific application. As a leading technological innovator, we are ready to help you meet the challenge of the future.
Sin Yu offers variety of types as below to satisfy your requirement.
1. Cat 5, UTP/STP, 4 pair
2. Cat 5E, UTP, 4 pair
3. Cat 3, 25 ~100 pair
4. Cat 6
Besides above products, we create a form for your inquiry, please feel free to enter Design Your Cable. Or need getting more detailed information, you can directly enter our Catalogue Download.

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